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Better Medication for Enhanced End-of-Life Care

For Hospice patients, the right medication can make a tremendous difference, improving both the quality of life and therapeutic care.


In many cases, off-the-shelf products are simply inadequate to control pain, comfort and manage to all symptoms. Even when effective, standardized drugs often result in troubling side effects, or dosages that can severely affect awareness and comfort during a patient’s end of life treatment.

In contrast, Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy provides customized medication to address the individual needs of each patient. We tailor dosages and combine medications to achieve the physician’s treatment goals while offering maximum comfort and minimal distress for the patient and the family.


Here are just a few of the ways we can help:


  •  More effective formulas to reduce pain, ease nausea, soothe burns, stimulate saliva, increase
      appetite, and balance daytime alertness and nighttime comfort


  •  More comfortable or viable delivery methods, including topical creams, oral solutions, nasal sprays,
      mouth rinses, capsules, lozenges, and even popsicles


  •  More appealing and efficient formulas, including enhanced flavor, color, and scent, and
      combinations of multiple medications in a single dose


  •  Personal consultation with experienced compounding pharmacists to help physicians determine the
      best solution for each patient, even in  the most difficult scenarios


  •  Quick, responsive service when every moment counts, so patients can get exactly the right medicine
      as soon as possible—sometimes within a matter of Hours


“Better solutions for better care for comfort and clarity at the end of a journey.”


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